Printed Material Buyers

  • Publishers
  • Food manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • FMCG companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Individuals
  • and many more

Printing Houses

  • Commercial printing houses
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Label printing houses
  • Web printing houses
  • Digital printing houses
  • Book printing houses
  • and many more

Printed Materials

  • Books, catalogues
  • Board books
  • Rigid boxes, cosmetic boxes
  • Folding boxes
  • Food packaging
  • Iml labels
  • and many more


  • Best matched suppliers
  • Local
  • Global
  • Hundreds of countries
  • Thousands of cities
  • Too many delivery points
  • and many more

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We help companies understand and improve their spending behavior on printing materials. We assist in supplier selection, the analysis of supplier performance, and the establishment of the terms of trade to balance cost, quality and risk.

  • Global access to printing community
  • High reliable environment for printing industry
  • Ease of use for quoting prices
  • Beneficial to companies seeking additional profitability

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How it works

Printed Material Buyers

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  • Reach printing houses at best possible price and desired location
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  • Find any type of printing houses at any location
  • Speed up the quotation process
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  • Get offers from only your own suppliers or eligible ones in our database
  • Find printing houses that is most suitable for your print job
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Printing Houses

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  • Connect with the print material buyers all around the world
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  • Increase domestic and international business
  • Increase the amount of offers you make in a year
  • Cost savings on marketing, exhibitions, travels, etc.
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  • Focus on your specialised area of production
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