What kind of future is waiting for us? For Print Buyers & Printing and Packaging Manufacturers.


Effective as of December 15, 2020

Methods / Mission

Streamlining an unorganized and complex industry with web application.


There is a lot of uncertainty in the industry but one thing is certain: There are too many printing / packaging manufacturers, too much data. We have to find more sophisticated – yet efficient / simple – ways to carry out print purchasing in order to better evaluate the ongoing need for cost saving, better quality and logistics.

Developments in computing and programming technologies are making complex industry a simple reality. No print data is too big and the future is simpler.

The print world will become even more computerized in years to come. it will certainly become a much more global phenomenon.


Let’s say that you need to buy large amounts of packaging boxes or posters. Internet search will get you too much data which will take too many working hours to analyze. This application will get you the most suitable manufacturers at the best possible price and desired location. Even if you have the suitable suppliers / manufacturers you would still need to test the market for sustainable cost savings for print purchasing.


The application will get print buyers most suitable / specialized manufacturers at best possible price, quality and location. Manufacturers will get more requests for their specialized area of production therefore using up their surplus production capacity. Both parties will benefit from overall increased efficiency.

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