Membership policy

The Membership Policy contains important information for all new members joining the thousands of print professionals currently enjoying the benefits of Printedin Membership.


Effective as of April 11, 2023


Printedin allows you to access certain premium features or content in exchange for a recurring fee, as applicable (the “Membership Services”). Your transactions and any other use of the Membership Services is subject to these Membership Policy. By using a Member Service, you agree to these (1) Membership Policy; and (2) Privacy Policy and (3) Terms of Service, and all other terms and conditions that generally apply to the Printedin website (all of these together are the “Terms”).

Please read the Terms carefully. If you don’t understand them, or don’t accept any part of them, then you’re not allowed to use the Membership Services.

Free Trial

We offer 30-day free trial to the new subscribers. If you register and verify your account you are going to subscribe our Monthly subscription with a free trial offer. You will have full access to our Membership Services for the duration of the free trial period. At the end of the applicable free trial period, Membership Services will be stopped and you will no longer use them until paying for the subscription.

To continue your subscription you need to add a default payment method. Without adding it you will not be charged and your subscription will not be activated, so you will be unable to access to our Membership Services.

When you add a default payment method, you will be charged the price of the subscription and will continue to be charged until you cancel your subscription. To avoid any charges, you must cancel before the end of the applicable period.

Subscription model

We have two types of subscription model

  • Monthly subscription
  • Annual subscription

The payment is refundable with the conditions written in Terms of Service.

At the end of your payment period, your card will be charged automatically for the next payment period. Therefore you should not need to renew or extend your membership to keep enjoying the benefits of being a member of the Printedin.

Your membership may be subject to sales tax in some states or countries. Your credit card issuer may charge foreign transaction or cross-border fees in addition to the total price above.

Your membership will be valid from as soon as your credit card account has been charged.

By accepting the Membership Policy, you authorise Printedin to send instructions to the financial institution that issued your card to take payments from your card account in accordance with the terms of your agreement with us.

As payment gateway, Printedin uses Stripe. By accepting the Membership Policy, you are agreed to the Stripe Services and Connected Account agreements.


Please visit Pricing page to see features and compare plans.

Cancellations and Refunds

If your membership expires or if you cancel your membership, you will have limited access and not be able to submit new quotations, offers and get notifications. However, your account will still be available for login and you will still have access to your account, membership and billing settings.

You can cancel your Membership Services at any time. If you purchase a subscription to Membership Services that automatically renews, you may cancel the subscription any time before the end of the current billing period and the cancellation will take effect on the next billing period, except as otherwise communicated to you by Printedin. You will retain access to the Membership Services from the time you cancel until the start of the next billing period, and will not receive a refund or credit for any remaining days in your current billing period. Subscription fees paid are final and refundable with the conditions written in Terms of Service, unless otherwise determined by the Printedin. If Printedin reasonably determines that a user has violated these Membership Policy, Printedin may immediately terminate the subscription and the user’s access to Membership Services without notice and without refund. Refund requests should be directed to .

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